'House of Firesign

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  • WHO AM THEY, ANYWAY?: The Firesign Theatre: That Fab 4 or 5 that has been bending our minds and funny bones since the mid '60s. Their latest releases (Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death, Boom Dot Bust and The Bride of Firesign - a trilogy or sorts) are among their best works, proving they have spanned generations with timeless wit and surreal intellect. The Firesign Theatre (FST) first became widely known in 1966 at L.A.'s listener-supported KPFK (where Austin and Ossman were on staff), and when Proctor came West with the musical The Amorous Flea they started performing together on Peter "The Wiz" Bergman's Radio Free Oz, rapidly evolving from doing put-ons and live original half-hour comic plays before ecstatic crowds into the multi-media production and performance entity we know today.
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