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Back From The Shadows - DVD

Back From The Shadows - DVD

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May, 2001  - Whirlwind Media

This long awaited jewel had finally arrived in the mail.  The price of this DVD (on the web) ranges from over $25 to just under $17.  It's worth every penny of the higher price!  Everything about this DVD is first rate.  From the packaging to the actual production.  Rest assured, this is not just an Audio production with a few extras thrown in.  This is what every fan could ask for.  The navigation is supurb and well thought out. All Pictures and Video are absoulutely first rate.  Quality throughout.

This DVD is divided into three areas: Video, Audio, and Interactive. I'll touch on the individual points:

The Audio:

    The Audio section has a very nice stage shot for each couple of titles. The DVD says 5.1 surround, though I'm not sure how they accomplished this when the original recording of the show was stereo.  However, it sounds crisp and clear and is a very good snapshot in FST history. You get a wonderful sense that the FST is in top form and actually loving every minute of the show.  You're left with a very good warm feeling about this group when it's over. A+.

Interactive Chapter:

    This section is divided into four parts: Discography, Chronology, Biographys, and Digital Photo Scrapbook.  The Digital Photo Scrapbook is divided into "Through the Years" (25 pictures), "Behind the Scenes of Back to the Shadows" (25 pictures), and "On Stage from the Back to the Shadows tour" (25 pictures).  It just doesn't get much better than this!  The Discography, Chronology, and Biographys lay out the FST's history like nothing else.

The Video:

    I've saved the best for last.  The Video is an interview of the FST members titled "Who Am Us, Anyway?".  You get up close and personal info on the FST from the FST! This section by itself is worth the purchase price.  Wonderfull!  The 4 or 5 talk about their up-bringing, schooling, jobs, writing and more.  The biography we've all wanted for years!

Summary: This is a wonderfull catalog of Firesign! I couldn't think of one thing that could improve this DVD.  Get it!