•  Jacky-O(nassis) sits next to Marilyn Monroe at the Benefit Auction of the Millenium. [GMIOGMD]



  •  The Cult Film by Proctor and Bergman that was first (and last) shown on USA's Night Flight.


Johnny Cup:

  •  A foreign drink (from northern Indiana) (made with light blue Vodka) in Billville. [Boom Dot Bust]


Jinkin' ya:



  • Wins the Scratch and Sniff lottery and "doesn't have to work on the finger-cutting machine no more" [GMIOGMD]


JOBs (Is on The Way):

  • Principal Poop says this in the emergency radio message. I'm almost positive that line is from a public service ad either in print or on television that ran in the 60s. JOBS was an acronymn for some Great Society program or agency. So it was used in the PSA as singular noun because it was a program or agency. Therefore the ad said, "JOBS is on the way."  They were trying to be cute. Much like the advertising for the Hitchcock movie that said "The Birds is coming."



  •  Descraced Icon forced to leave his Bilboard home. [GMIOGMD]



  • "Ok, swami whatever-your-name-is, we'll be back to this Christ-consciousness racket in just a minute.". Definitely Joe Pine, a radio/tv interview show host. An early version of Wally George and Morton Downey. From DWARF.