George W. Bush Sweat:





  • Commander of Last Minute Men. [GMIOGMD]


Glue-it Yourself network:


  • Hosted by Martha Clue-it. From deep in the bowels of Elmer Town. [Boom Dot Bust]


GMIOGMD (Give me Immortality...):


  • Give Me Immortality, Or Give Me Death. The name of the Firesign's 1998 CD. Also refered to Radio Now.




  • "She'll get you there" airline. With extra knee room for your extra knee! [GMIOGMD]




  • A series hosted by Bob HINDE. "Welcome to the wonderful world of Snails and adventure as we board the Golden Hinde". Based upon a TV show from the '50's. A guy and his wife and family would travel all over the world, and then show the home movies they took, with their narration. This has been quoted several times in MST3K. The `Golden Hind' was the ship in which, in 1577-1580, Francis Drake sailed around the world. Originally, the ship was named the `Pelican', but while he was travelling, Drake changed the name in honor of his patron, Sir Christopher Hatton. Hatton's crest was a golden hind. (A "hind" is a sort of female deer, more specifically a female three years or older; especially a female red deer.)




  • A British comedy show from the 50's which had great influence on the Firesign Theatre. They were British surrealists comprised of Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe (Peter Bergman worked for a while with Spike Milligan while in England). A number of FT terms are references to Goon Shows: Michael Packer writes:

      Two FT pieces payed tribute to the Goons; "The Giant Rat Of Sumatra" an "By The Light Of The Silvery...". George L. Tirebiter's voice was lifted directly from a Goon Show character. One of the "Unclaimed Melodies" (The Spanish Suitcase) is the title of a Goon script. Lastly, the phrase "It's great to be alive in 1985", originally from the Goon Show entitled "1985", appeared in altered form on P & B's "TV Or Not TV".





Gospel Kareoki:





  • "You wouldn't have any GROAT CLUSTERS I could nibble on..." George Tirebiter from "Dwarf", and "Hot Dog, Groat Cakes Again! Heavy on the 30 weight, Mom" Porgie Tirebiter from "Dwarf".
    • "...Buckwheat is a broadleaf, herbaceous plant that flowers prolifically over a period of several weeks. The small, white flower clusters quickly develop into triangular brown seeds roughly the size of soybean seeds. The brown buckwheat grains actually consist of a true seed (GROAT) surrounded by a thick hull. Buckwheat is sometimes referred to as a pseudocereal because the grain is used in ways similar to cereal grains such as oats, but it is not a true cereal crop due to seed and plant type."




  • It's in a Jar at the White House with Hillary's car keys. [GMIOGMD]


Guernica (also Quernica)

  • Quernica/Guernica was a Spanish village used by the Nazis to demonstrate high-altitude bombing during that "fake" Spanish war thing in the late 30s (I think) that Hemmingway fought in.  Something like that...
  • About the Picasso painting: There are so many similarities between 1934 drawing and Guernica that it seems certain to be an important but unknown precursor to Picasso's greatest painting.