Daniel Blown:



  • Don't Crush That DWARF, Hand Me the Pliers!.



  • Found in the City of the Future. [GMIOGMD]


Dish Net Sports Rapup:

  • Super Race Around II, hosted by Dink Shrinkwrap and Rink Shrimpclaw. [Boom Dot Bust]


Devil Master Exerciser GT:

  • Invented by Dr. Bill Infermo (by InfermCo). "Out Demons, Out. In Profits, In!". [Boom Dot Bust]



  • At Homeless stadium one Princess Goddess Doll is dropped for prosperity. [GMIOGMD]



  • The big computer that runs everything in the FUTURE FAIR, described in the FT's BOZO play. The Doctor was also mentioned in a poem on the "Dear Friends" album. He is based on an old SAILON LISP program written for the PDP-10 running the TOPS-10 operating system. AhClem repeatedly calls Dr. Memory "Mac" - which far predates the current Apple computer line; but the MIT AI lab, where the Doctor program originated, grew out of Project Mac (for Machine Aided Cognition and/or Multiple Access Computer)



  • Available from Doggie Dump, Utah. $29.99 gold or silver coin only, to P.O. box I 210-0. [GMIOGMD]


Dr. Beddoes Pneumatic Institute:

  • From the book, Cannabis, a History by Martin Booth, and came upon the following passage:
     At the forefront of the drug-taking writers was Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Addicted to opium when still a young man, he was not adverse to experimenting with other drugs, partly in the vain hope that he might subsitute one for opium. Among his circle of addicted friends was Dr. Thomas Lovell Beddoes, a physcian for whom drugs were of hedonistic as well professional interest. Based in Bristol, where he ran the Pneumatic Instituion in the fashionable area of Clifton, a clinic for respiratory and other illnesses in which patients inhaled various gases as a cure. Beddoes gathered about him others who shared his interest.
    (From Cat Ishikawa)


Dung Dong Province:

  • Where Actor Chinn Phatt was thrown into the deepest solitary confinement well. [Boom Dot Bust]



  • Produces Radio Now, played by Peter Bergman. [GMIOGMD]



  • "Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers": An FST play about the life of the EVERYMAN George TIREBITER. The title appears to be a marijuana reference. "Dwarf" is slang for a marijuana cigarette which has been almost completely consumed (ie, "roach") and the "pliers" are pliers or any other device which can be used to hold the dwarf by the very end in order to consume the rest of the cigarette ("roach clip"). Hence, "don't crush that nearly-consumed marijuana cigarette, hand me a pair of pliers (so that I can smoke the rest)." This could also be tied in to Hal Roach, the famous producer of old silent comedies, who only recently died at the age of 100+. He is given a brief mention at the end of "Dwarf", when TIREBITER'S secretary indicates that Mr. Roach had left a message, along with Laurel & Hardy, Harpo Marx ("Honk! Honk!- he would leave his name..") The FT sometimes refer to a "Hot Roach Studios", which they presumably ran. The liner notes for the "Dwarf" CD mentions that the original title for Dwarf was "We'll be Heironymus Bosch in Jest a Minute, but Faust..." indicating connections between the play and the man who "sold out" to the devil, as well as the nature of interruptions as a part of life. ROCKY ROCOCO, the nemesis of NICK DANGER, is a dwarf:

    CATHER: "Nancy, who's that ugly dwarf with his hand in your mouth?" ROCKY: "Rocky Rococo, at your cervix!"