• The red headed woman (whore of Babylon) drives a Babylon SX 4x4. [GMIOGMD]



  • The name of EVERYMAN in the FT's play TWO PLACES. In the liner notes for the "Two Places" CD, Phil Austin writes:

    It has often been correctly note that the progress of Babe is linked with that of Odysseus, the hero of Homer's Epic poem, "The Odyssey". Although HCYB does not literally follow the form of "The Odyssey", there are several key meetings between the two stories and certainly, like Joyce's "Ulysses", HCYB derives much inspiration from the age-old story of a man trying to return home. Odysseus (Ulysses) finds himself imprisoned, bound by the spell of the witch Calypso, when his outrages against the gods are forgiven and he is allowed to return home. All we will see of this on HCYB is Babe running across a street, nearly to be killed, and entering the emporium of one RALPH SPOILSPORT, who may or may not be the god Hermes, sent to sell Babe the instrument of his homecoming. (Some see HCYB as the musings of Ralph, that Ralph is the storyteller and Babe portrays him as a young man. Well...)



  • Whatever it is, Louise Wong's got one you can do SHAKESPEARE from!



  • Barney is a BOZO. The new "Bozo" CD gives a definition:
    "Barny or Barney: In the English circus, a fight. The closest American equivalent is CLEM."



  • Not Bee-bop, but the FST's "Big Book of Plays".



  • The "Now" DJ of Radio Now. [GMIOGMD]



  • A popular beverage in FT plays, heard in both EYKIW and in YOLKS. "It's in the water! that's why it's yellow!" A reported billboard advertising Bear in CA states "It's the Water!" Currently a company in Colorado has appropriated the Logo for tee-shirts and posters [and the editor spotted a *Neon* sign of BWB in Manitou Springs during a recent vacation!]. BWB has entered the mainstream (sorry) of american culture: mathias thallmayer writes:

    I was looking at the current issue of the Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette (a magazine devoted to modeling narrow gauge railroads, for you fireheads) and what should I see: a review of a 1:22.5 scale Bear Wizz Beer Refigerator car (based on the bachman mechanism). The logo looks pretty good: a bear standing human style, back to us but looking over his shoulder, er, er... I'd always pictured him with a rear leg raised, but close enough.... The reviewer (Bob Brown) said it was pretty colorful. It comes from the "Feather River Canyon Loco Works" in Pagosa Springs, CO.
  • A recent entry from the Los Angeles Times, June 30, 1994, page E-2:

    The FDA alleges that the tobacco industry has been secretly adding twice the amount of nicotine to cigarettes to make them more addictive. "In a related story, Kraft has admitted that they've been adding twice as much whiz to their jars of cheese." --Morning Sickness, Premiere Radio Network

Cheese Whiz Beer?



  • Dr. Beddoes, head of Dr. Beddoes Pneumatic Institute, which in real life was a 19th century operation dedicated to experimenting with nitrous oxide (laughing gas). See TESLACLE'S DEVIANT, FUDD'S LAW.



  • Peter Bergman, one of the FT members. See also LOVE IN.


Billville wildlife:

  • Teaming Vaculums, Mirrel Eyed Dingle Beaks, Tick Lillies, Instinkted Hinks, Engourged Gum Stones. [Boom Dot Bust]


Boom Dot Bust:

  • The Firesign's take on a midwestern town in the tornado belt.


Bill the Congaroo:



  • Was killed in Dallas, not who you think was. [GMIOGMD]



  • Was Item 15 (From the fall line of the House of Usher) at the Auction of the Millenium. [GMIOGMD]



  • A fifteen year-old kid, who is the side-kick of MARK TIME of the Circum-Solar Federation. He is also a fan of YOUNG GUY, Motor Detective, and asks him the PORRIDGE BIRD question, which he found carved on the Great Wall of Mars.



  • Joe Camel's interview, Boston the Babylizer reporter asks, "Where'd you learn to read hieroglyphics, Joe?" [GMIOGMD]



  • MUDHEAD's crazy hopped-up girlfriend, in Porgie TIREBITER movies. She is played by Barbara Bobo. Her name is likely a play on the word "Jugs".



    "BOZO: A man, fellow, guy; esp. a large, rough man or one with more brawn than brains. 1934: "Drive the heap, bozo" -- Chandler, _Finger Man_. From Sp. dial. "boso" (from "vosotros") - you (pl.) which resembles a direct address."

    --Dictionary of American Slang by Wentworth and Flexner, 1960.
  • B.O.Z.O is also referred to as an acronym for the "Brotherhood Of ZIPS and Others".



  • A non-offensive term derived from the ethnically offensive one, referring to the lifestyle rather than the race. One of the FIVE LIFESTYLES OF MAN, according to the FT.




  • A 60's Rock-and-Roll group. A few Beatles references: In NICK DANGER:

    Announcer: "Out of the Fog, into the smog"... "There's a fog upon L.A. ..." (Blue Jay Way, Magical Mystery Tour)
    Rocky Rococo: A play on "Rocky Raccoon"
    Catherwood: says "Goo-goo-goo-joob" (ref: "I am the Walrus"), and then says "I'm so tired, I haven't slept a wink" (cf "I'm So Tired", from the "White Album"). His references to CELLOPHANE, although a clear SFX device, could also be the line "Cellophane flowers of yellow and green" (cf "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" -- Sgt. Pepper).
    Nick: says his story has more holes in it than the Albert Hall (cf "A Day in the Life" -- Sgt. Pepper).
    "It was PIG NITE at the OM mane padme Sigma House." is a reference to the mantra: "Om mani padme hum" (note the awful math pun: Sigma-->Sum-->Hum). This also possibly a reference to "Piggies" on the White Album, although some Fraternities actually used to have a Pig Nite, where they would bring ugly women.
    Nancy: "but everyone knew her as Nancy" is from "Rocky Raccoon" (White Album, again!):
    Her name was Magil and she called herself Lil But everyone knew her as Nancy...
    Also, her boyfriend's name is "Dan" in the Song (Dan Catherwood):
    Now she and her man who called himself Dan Were in the next room at the hoe down
  • In HEMLOCK STONES, they sing "Get Back" at the end. Also, Stones tells Flotsom to meet him in the Pub in disguise, and Flotsom asks "In the pub in the skys?", which is a reference to "Lucy In the Skys, with Diamonds,". This tune was denied by the Beatles to be an LSD reference, and apparently is also tied to a John Fredd and the Playboy Band tune called "Judy in Disguise, With Glasses". So, we have come full circle. In HCYB, one of the RALPH SPOILSPORT motors commercials begins, "Don't we do it in the road here at Ralph's Spoilsport Motors..." (cf "Why Dont We Do it In the Road" from the "White Album"). One of the kids in "Le Trent Huit Cunegonde" (Returned for Regrooving) was named "Malcom X.John Lennon" In the "Dear Friends" album, one of the skits ends with a politician singing, "Those Moscow girls really knock me out" (a mis-quote from "Back in the USSR" -- the girls were Ukrainian).





  • The FT's "Big Mystery Joke Book", containing the transcripts of HEMLOCK STONES Sumatran Rat play, NICK DANGER's "Cut 'Em Off at the Past" play, "Temporarily Humboldt County", "MARK TIME" from the "Dear Friends" album, "YOUNG GUY", motor detective, and others.



  • A non-offensive term derived from the ethnically offensive one, referring to the lifestyle rather than the race. One of the FIVE LIFESTYLES OF MAN, according to the FT.



  • Lieutenant Alvin Bradshaw, in the FT police forces. Loosely based on the Officer Bradshaw from the old Highway Patrol episodes, Bradshaw is constantly pestering the private investigators NICK DANGER and his Javanese counterpart YOUNG GUY, Motor Detective. YOUNG GUY once discovered that "BRAD" stands for "Bernard", indicating that Bradshaw is actually "George Bernard Shaw, famous author and riterary smart-guy". Bradshaw is played by the fictional character Harry Ames, Jr.



  • Not just a bump, a bump with a name: Billville. [Boom Dot Bust]



  • Ralph Bunche, was a black American official of the United Nations who won the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize for his mediation of the 1948-49 Arab-Israeli War. Rumored in DWARF to have been the honorary Aquarium parent (along with Ida Lupino) of the first man-made baby Adam one-three.



  • What I think We're all BOZO's on. The "Bozo" CD liner notes quote the following definition:

    "BUS: A circuit in a mixing board which carries signals from one or more inputs to any output or set of outputs."
  • The PRESIDENT is referred to as the "Terminal Bus -- the output".