Yellow Ribbon, Princess Plague:


  • Good for keeping the deadly organisms from getting across our Designer Borders. [GMIOGMD]




  • The poorest people in the country, depicted in NICK DANGER and the "Case of the Missing Yolk" video. They lived in OXNARD, and "Didn't have half of what the have-nots had!".


Young Guy:


  • Another FT private detective. "Young Guy, Motor Detective", played by HIDEO GUMP, Jr.


Youth Here.....


  • ...doesn't seem to want to know..."  A line in the courtroom scene (I may not have it verbatim). It's a play on the title of a radio show (possibly TV as well) called "Youth Wants to Know." I don't recall ever listening to it (I'm not old enough to have been a pre-TV listener of radio shows), but I guess it was a semi-educational show in which young people asked questions.


Yukaipa heap:


  • A play on the So. Cal town of Yucaipa, and Uriah Heep, a character from one of Charles Dickens' novels. See also LOS ANGELES, POOP.