• Pilot of the Radio Now News Chopper (Proctor). [GMIOGMD]



  • One half the Radio Now News Team (Proctor).[GMIOGMD]


Hanoi Jane:

  • Hanoi Jane has gotta go  --Captain Happy, during his Vietnam flashhback induced by the New Year's fireworks. [GMIOGMD]
  • [this from Mark B Aickelin] "Jane travelled to Hanoi incognito in mid-July [1972] at the invitation of the North Vietnamese.  While she was there, the news media at home reported almost daily that she had urged American servicemen to desert during broadcasts over Radio Hanoi  ***  'Hanoi Jane!' 'Red Pinko! 'Commie slut!'  Such epithets... greeted her when she landed in New York."  Thomas Kiernan, "Jane:  An Intimate Biography of Jane Fonda" (1973) ch. 27, "They Called Her Hanoi Jane," 344, 347.  "The broadcasts, aired between July 14 and July 22, were delivered in the same warm, almost seductive tone of voice used by enemy propagandists Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally during World War II."  Christopher Andersen, "Citizen Jane," (1991) ch. 20, pp. 277-78.  In 1988, "after her ...prime-time apology to Vietnam veterans and their families during the Barbara Walters interview, a secret meeting with the veterans, and a... fund-raiser for the... victims of Agent Orange *** on August 26 ...the Veterans of Foreign Wars [was] calling on Congress to try her for treason."  Id. ch. 27, pp. 372--74.  She's obviously a very caring person.


HCYB (How Can You Be...):

  • How Can You Be in TWO PLACES at Once, When You're Not Anywhere at All?



  • Twice Gimme Award Nominee. The other half of the Radio Now News Team (Ossman). [GMIOGMD]



  • Ralf Sez: "Don't lay around like rotten fruit! Come on down to the Headless Body Farm" (Proctor). [GMIOGMD]



  • Princess Goddess' final words. [GMIOGMD]



  • Yet another FT detective, loosely based on Sherlock Holmes. Known as "Hemlock Stones, the Great Defective". His sidekick is FLOTSAM JETSAM. Michael Rogers writes, For those who are not devotees of Sherlock Holmes I came across this while reading Conan Doyle a couple of weeks ago:

    "'Matilda Briggs was not the name of a young woman, Watson,' said Holmes in a reminiscent voice. 'It was a ship which is associated with the giant rat of Sumatra, a story for which the world is not yet prepared.'"   -from _The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire_

    (The_Doge) continues, Actually, there are a fair number of Canonical references in "Giant Rat".... For example: "Violet Dawn Dudley" refers to the fact that some of the more interesting heroines in the Canon are named Violet ("The Solitary Cyclist" is one example). And then there's the frequent use of the name "Moriarity" in various guises. And the fact that Watson had just returned from the Afghani wars when he met Holmes.. Bill Johnson writes, What B+W Sherlock Holmes movie with Basil Rathbone had an opening sequence strikingly like the one which opens the Hemlock Stones mystery, where he is playing his violin while his assistant is trying to find food, and both are discussing a case they just finished? John Burkardt answers, >The movie you saw was "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes", starring >Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. >Holmes was plucking his violin, trying to find a frequency that would >disturb flies, reasoning that if he found such a frequency, he could >have a simple fly repeller. >The movie was made about 1939, I believe.



  • A Japanese business man, whose son Hideo Gump, Jr.played the role of YOUNG GUY, Motor Detective!



  • Refers either to the GOLDEN HINDE or Bob Hinde, the host of the show. Briefly appeared in DWARF, and in EYKIW, where we first meet the aliens. They have appeared in several MST3K episodes as well.



  • A 3D cybernetic CLONE of someone, made popular in the play ITWABOTB.



  • "I got my teeth in your ear and I'm bitin' through!" Reference to the Hollyfield/Tyson fight where Tyson bit off part of Hollyfield's ear. [Chump Threads GMIOGMD]



  • Where the Doll Drop happens and the Princess arrives in a Stretch Dumpster. [GMIOGMD]



  • Hopi Indian culture has a lot of influence on FT terms. John V. Scialli writes:
  • I know that the Native Amnerikan stuff on Electrician derived from the three or four boises from I da know (Proctor stayed behind with his show) spending time living amongst the Hopi in Hopiland (Arizona & New Amerikanexprexico). They brought back material for a serious documentary and information which was accurate. The legend of the Great White Brother is moralistic, but it is moralistic to the Hopi who *had* (may still be if they haven't lost hopi) welcomed the Anglo's arrival as a Sign, sign here.

  • You may think the character Mudhead derived from the Archie comic books. Of course and not so. Mudhead is a very important (& my favorite) Kachina. Mudhead is the last Kachina during pageants. He is the Clown who provides comic relief. Kachina have multiple layers of meaning. I know the one where Mudhead is the living embodiment of the warning against brother-sister incest, less a baby with a bizarre head pop out (of the sodium shop). Phil Proctor said that at a deeper level, Mudhead appears at the end of ceremonies to mock what has gone on before. He admonishes children not to believe anything they have just been taught by adults and especially not to respect the opinions of tribal leaders, these leaders are out of touch. Phil came up with this great phrase, "Their leaders have heads of mud while our's have feet of clay." Wouldn't that be a great album title "Heads of mud, feet of clay," huh? And what a paradocs in that it is the elders putting on the ceremony. Kinda like Principal Pooproctor "fuck you'ing" the kids back. Anyway, the high school madness plot is derived from this and other legends. If you found Electrician too moralizing it has to do with technique, not message. Dwarf taught the same things but infiltrated our consciousnesses with only 10% of the effect "visible" at the time.



  • One of the many Babylon references in [GMIOGMD]



  • Where Danny Vanilla spends most of his time waiting for Princess Goddess. [GMIOGMD]



  • Temporarily Humboldt (Humbolt) County. wweber@silver.ucs.indiana.edu (W. John Weber) writes, In a radio show prepared by David OSSMAN, and heard only in Seattle and Bloominton, IN, celebrating the 20th birthday of Electrician it was explained. Humbolt County is an actual county in which the FT boys had friends, and they were fairly interested in Native American politics. The government (white) had declared the area Humbolt County, but the Indians in order to refuse the whites appelation (and I guess to remind them that no man really owns the land) called it Temporarily Humbolt County.



  • Joe Camel's interview, Boston the Babylizer reporter asks, "Where'd you learn to read hieroglyphics, Joe?" [GMIOGMD



  • BeBop Lobo/Loco's main ride. [GMIOGMD]
    and this from schoolboy: - "They are late model (or just postwar) automobiles that have been specially lowered, usually with hydraulic lifts at each wheel so that any corner of the car may be raised and lowered at will. They are then given customized paint jobs and frequently redecorated in their interiors to achieve a high degree of luxury. Metal flake paint, murals and etched windows, swivel seats, deep pile upholstery and tiny steering wheels made of chrome chain links are all common features of low riders. ...low riders are most commonly associated with Chicanos".... --James S. Griffith, "Low Riders -- A Contemporary Folk Art Form,"