• Also known as Melanie Haber, Audrey Farber, Susan Underhill,and... Betty Jo Bialowsky! NICK DANGER's old college beau, in "Cut 'em off at the Past!". Her name is a BEATLES reference. Tom Teslacle names his "Automated Pushover" after Nancy, based on TESLACLE'S DEVIANT, a corollary to FUDD'S LAW, in BOZO. Also, in British Slang Nancy is a prostitute or loose woman. "Comes in and goes out like anything!"



  • A FIRESIGN song (Bergman sings: "I'm Nazi Goering... I'm NEVER boring..."). Also a type of dutch food, apparently:

        Nasi Goreng..."A Spicy Dutch Treat"
        Indonesian Rice, vegetables and pork, with a fried egg and



  • A private-eye, made popular in the FT play,"Nick Danger, Third Eye", on the TWO PLACES album, and in the video episode, "The Case 0f the Missing YOLK". His Japanese counterpart is YOUNG GUY, Motor Detective! He is tied to George TIREBITER via ANCHOVIES, which George doesn't like on his PIZZAs. He is also tied to BOZOs when the Whisperin' Squash suggests to CLEM that he could "Cut Em' Off at the Past". Parts of the "Cut 'Em Off at the Past" episode are conjectured to have been influenced by Philip K. Dicks 1962 novel, _The Man In The High Castle_, which also used the I CHING.


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  • Uttered by Global Action Figure Charles Phatt when threatened with a Smith and Weson. [Boom Dot Bust]



  • The reason you should have voted for PAPOON, rather than those other BERZERKERS and BOZOS. He's not insane! Refers also to the FT's album of the same name. Crazy ROCKY also said, "I'm not insane!" in the YOLKS video. The 1960 Lenny Bruce album "Togetherness" contains a bit called "Our Governers." On it, Lenny does a surreal take on a supposedly real comment made by "Gov. Long" (probably Earl Long of Louisiana). The gov. apparently said, on the campaign trail, "I'M NOT A NUT!!!!!!--which Lenny really admires as a political slogan, adding: "I DON'T WET THE Also: George McGovern's original 1972 running mate, Thomas Eggleton, who was dropped from the ticket when revelations of earlier psychiatric analysis came out. The comments at the time referred to the fact that whatever had been wrong with him had been cured...thus he was now diagnosed as "Not Insane".



  • "Young Guy's" favorite line.