• A source of immense power, possessed by the Sumatran RATs in an adventure of HEMLOCK STONES.



  • A paradox devised by the Greek philosopher Zeno, which seems to prove that motion as such is impossible; Reason: Consider an arrow flying towards a target. Before it gets to the target it must first get halfway there, but before it gets to that point it must first get 1/4 the way there, but before that (etc..) Since an infinite number of things must be done first, the arrow could never get *anywhere*; ergo, motion is impossible. This paradox is referred to indirectly in the TWO PLACES album, where BABE falls asleep in his car, while the talking freeway signs read off:

      "Antelope Freeway, one mile"
      "Antelope Freeway, one half mile"
      "Antelope Freeway, one quarter mile"
      "Antelope Freeway, one eighth mile"
      "Antelope Freeway, one sixteenth mile"
      "Antelope Freeway, one thirtysecondth mile"
      "Antelope Freeway, one sixty-fourth mile"
      "Antelope Freeway, one one-hundred-and-twenty-eighth mile..."


ZION (oh 'frocious Lion...):

  • In addition to being a ready parody of televangelist gobbledegook, this song (DWARF) may reflect an accurate knowledge of the Bible -- for example, the Psalms and many of the prophets refer to Zion as symbolic of God or God's holy city. To "praise" her then is an oblique, poetic way of praising her creator. It's not necessarily Zionist in the modern sense. On the other hand, those words do just sound funny together, don't they?
  • "Zion, Oh mighty Zion, Thy bison now are dust....." Zion National Park reference?



  • As in "I'm hip like a zip, let's take a trip". One of the FIVE LIFESTYLES OF MAN according to the FT. BOZO is an acronym for "The Brotherhood Of Zips and Others".



  • Marilyn Monroe's auction pad number at the Aution of the Millenium. [GMIOGMD]