Race Around America:


RADIO NOW ( Give Me Immortality Or Give Me Death):

  • The Radio Station so cool, it changes formats every 30 minutes:
    • Weirdly cool perpetrators playground, rebel family, Now Radio
    • Extreme, no sense of humor, aggressive, in your face Now Radio
    • Souped-up suggestive, desensitized, white meat, environmental, Now
    • You're online, detoxified, gender blind, re-Babylized, up all night, talk radio

    From GMIOGMD



  •  A used-car salesman, based on Ralph William's ads in Los Angeles. Also refers to a kind of mantra, which when recited sounds like a used-car ad: "Hiya friend, Ralph Spoilsport, Ralph Spoilsport motors, the largest new-used and used-new dealership...". He appears in TWO PLACES, and GMIOGMD. See BABE for a comparison between Ralph and Hermes, messenger of the gods.



  •  A set of Clowndominiums build at a former indian reservation. Includes the famous "Trail of Tears" golf course. Mentioned in TWO PLACES, and also EYKIW, when Bob Hind was interviewing Buz and Bunny Krumhunger about their visit with the aliens



  • Rats are featured prominently in FT plays, notably, in HEMLOCK STONES "Tale of the Giant Rat of Sumatra", in the song
  • "Rat in a Box" (in the NICK DANGER video, YOLKS), and in their play "The Year of the Rat".
  • "The Giant Rat of Sumatra" is "a tale for which the world is not yet ready", which is a line attributed the the "real" Dr. Watson in "The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


Reverend Bill BarnStormer:

  •  Twister free Justification Day host. Spokes person for the First Reformed Church of Science (Fiction). [Boom Dot Bust]





  •  See PARK (and Lock It).


Ring, Ring, Ring:





  •  The name of the Mud Board Princess Goddess was riding when she hit a land mine on the English Alps.
    Erotic Rose Mud Fact: Hearst never forgave Welles for the Rose Bud reference in Citizen Kane; Hearst's nick name for his mistresses clitoris! [GMIOGMD]





  • NICK DANGER's nemesis. Rococo is an extended impression of Peter Lorre playing Joel Cairo in the film "The Maltese Falcon. His name is an apparent play on the Beatle's "Rocky Racoon". Rocky Rococo is known to be a DWARF, wear terrible perfumes, like "pyramid patchuli", and "pickle on a rope". He is also thought to be responsible for everything bad that happens in OXNARD. His main offensive tactic appears to be to put people on installment plans, and then pressure them when they can't keep up the payments. His Japanese counterpart may be Rocky Rocomoto, whose TV series, "Million-Dollar Monster Crasic" (on the NOT INSANE album), featured the Shake-a-speare play "Anythinge you want to", in addition to YOUNG GUY, Motor Detective. In Minneapolis and maybe nationwide, there is a pizzeria chain called "Rocky Rococco", with a Middle-Eastern looking guy in a white suit on the logo.