• Yet another mis-pronounced LA street name in NICK DANGER. Tujunga canyon is a bit north of Pasadena, and the FT used to perform there.


Teaming Vaculums:


  • (See Billville wildlife)




  • "Who goes in, must come out". This is a corollary to FUDD'S LAW, and is referred to in the BOZO play,and also in HEMLOCK STONES, Giant RAT of Sumatra play, where Stones chases the ELECTRICIAN into the bathroom, and continues to search, claiming, "what goes in must come out! Fudd's Law!" First enunciated by Tom Teslacle ( a reference to Nikolai Tesla) to Dick BEDDOES. See also NANCY.




  • Sports Caster who bets on his kids soccer games: [GMIOGMD]


Tick Lillies:


  • (See Billville wildlife)




  • The last name of George Leroy Tirebiter, another incarnation of P, the EVERYMAN in the FT's play DWARF. Also the name of the YOLK'S neighbors in the NICK DANGER video. The original George Tirebiter was a dog. In the liner notes for the Dwarf CD, Phil Austin writes:

      The dog, the immortal George Tirebiter, was the doughty unofficial mascot of USC (Univ. South. Calif.) athletic teams in earlier times, renowned for his devotion to attacking the spinning wheels of large American automobiles....
      The five ages of George Leroy Tirebiter are these:
      -Tirebiter the Child, called Porge or Porgie. [###Porgie and Mudhead is verbal play on "Archie and Jughead"].
      -Tirebiter the College Student, called George Tirebiter Camden N200-R. [###that's his last name]
      -Tirebiter the Soldier, called Lt. Tirebiter.
      -Tirebiter the Actor, Called Dave Casman. [###play on OSSMAN]
      -Tirebiter the Old Man, called George Leroy Tirebiter.

  • It should also be mentioned that a sixth incarnation of Tirebiter, named George Matetsky, actually encounters his alter-ego NICK DANGER, an Early Bird Theatre presentation of a movie whose title starts with "Luck". George Matetsky was the real name of "The Mad Bomber" -- a real- life enraged weirdo in the 50's who used to blow things up and send ranting messages about his dislike for Pres. Eisenhower. David Ossman remarked in a interview once that George Tirebiter, the dog, used to walk past his house every day when he lived near USC, that he much later met the fellow who named the dog, and was able to explain how that dog's name had become a good part of his career... This is quoted from the LA Times, "Only in L.A" column, at the bottom of page B2, Wed Nov 10, 1993:

      "...True, USC did boast an unofficial mascot named George Tirebiter for a few glorious years in the 1940s and 1950s.. Tirebiter, a scraggly mutt who wandered onto campus after his owner died, grew to be beloved for his nasty temper, which often manifested itself in chases after automobiles. So treasured was Tirebiter that miscreants from a rival school once captured him and shaved the letters "UCLA" into his coat. Alas, the hound tried to chew on one too many Firestones [tires] and was run over in 1950. The school newspaper eulogized: `Gone to heaven, where he will have cushion rides for breakfast, white sidewalls for lunch, and cold rubber recaps for dinner.'


Tornado Ally:


  • Also known as Billville, and why Billville had to move to Fiddler's Edge. [Boom Dot Bust]




  • "Not to be Torturing Me!" Said by HIDEO GUMP, Jr., who played YOUNG GUY, Motor Detective. He was being tortured because "decision-making factor absent from brain", following a terrible brain- washing session in radio prison, at the hands of BRADSHAW




  • Trade in your sweaty mattress to Lord Eddie of Unconcious Village. [GMIOGMD]




  • "How Can You Be in Two Places At Once, when you're not Anywhere At All?" The record album containg the EVERYMAN story of BABE, and also the NICK DANGER episode, "Cut Em Off at the Past!"