• Another ride in the FUTURE FAIR, describing the evolution of the universe. "Man, woman, child, ALL are up against the WALL OF SCIENCE". Joes Hanes writes: ..an incisive parody of the 60's high school science films. The recounting of the history of life makes many allusions to real paleontology, e.g,

      "... sand dollar, which shrank to almost nothing at the bottom of the pool" refers to the fossil ancestors of all present day sand dollars, which apparently escaped a mass extinction by virtue of their extremely small size.

      " ... in the late Devouring period, fish became obnoxious" In the real late Devonian, fish became ubiquitous.




  • Why Does The Porridge Bird Lay His EGGSs In The Air? This question was asked by the character P in ITWABOTB, first directly to the PRESIDENT, who broke, and then to DOCTOR MEMORY,who became confused, and shut down the whole FUTURE FAIR. Dr. Memory kept getting the question wrong, for example: "White dust 'n' perished birds leaves its hex in the air?" Nooo. "Wise doves 'n' parish bards lazy leg in the Eire?" Nooo. "Wise-ass the poor-rich Barney laser's edge in the fair?" This question was posed to EVERYMAN by the Leprechauns, although BOB BUNNY reported that he found it written on the Great Wall of Mars. BOB BUNNY asked this question of HIDEO GUMP, Jr, during a segment of YOUNG GUY, Motor Detective. Young Guy promised to answer the question tomorrow! Reports also indicate that in the record "Eat or Be Eaten", Laura asks PLAYER the question at the end of the record, to which Player replies, "Aw, that's the old Leprechaun scam... that's EASY!" An FT fan writes: This is definitely a classical reference, which I've been racking my brains for, but can't remember. It seems to me that some Greek or Roman historian (Herodotus?) describes a bird which does indeed lay its eggs in the air, with the obvious unfortunate result...


Weenie Weather Weekend:



WILL, the Big Willie:








  • Old hand at "self love" and author of "Sex with My Hat" [GMIOGMD]


Ester Woodrosin:


  • Starred in "Corn Cousins, the Shucking" and appears to demo the Devil Master, with Dr. Infermo. [Boom Dot Bust]




  • William Wordsworth, the poet. One of his poems is referenced in DWARF "Intimations Ode" (also known as the "Immortality Ode"), from stanza V, where he writes:

  Not in entire forgetfulness,
  And not in utter nakedness,
  *But trailing clouds of glory do we come*
  From God, who is our home . . .

    Let's Eat!