• From the Jargon Lexicon of the Hacker's Dictionary:
    A construction popularized among hackers by the infamous CPU Wars comic; supposedly derived from a famously turgid line in a WWII-era anti-Nazi propaganda comic that ran "Eat flaming death, non-Aryan mongrels!" or something of the sort (however, it is also reported that on the Firesign Theatre's 1975 album "In The Next World, You're On Your Own" a character won the right to scream "Eat flaming death, fascist media pigs" in the middle of Oscar night on a game show; this may have been an influence)  Of course, he screwed it up and shouted "Eat fascist death, flaming media pigs!". Used in humorously overblown expressions of hostility. "Eat flaming death, EBCDIC users!"



  • Mrs. Sheilob suffers from this and misses a spot on Radio Now. [GMIOGMD]



  • Let's just call them, the "PHENOMENA". PORRIDGE BIRDs lay them in the air. Maybe its because there are aliens in them!



  • "Waiting for the Electrician, or Someone like Him". Another FT play, featured on the album of the same name. The first of the cycle of plays following the life of EVERYMAN,named P, in this case (a tribute to Kafka's "K"). The Electrician was also a mysterious character that appeared in the HEMLOCK STONES play "The Giant Rat of Sumatra", and pursued the great ZEPELLIN TUBE that was stolen by Jonas ACME. Little did Jonas realize that the Electrician was in fact, his own ward and heir, young Frank Acne, Jr.! The "Electrician" seems to be derived from a dream Peter BERGMAN accounted from the Christmas Broadcast, KPFK Radio Free Oz, in 1967. He had a dream of the electrician coming to pull the plug on the world, making everyone live real close together. And so we are all now "waiting for the electrician" (or someone like him), very Samuel Beckett-like (Waiting for Godot). See also HUMBOLT.



  • The inhabitants of Billville. [Boom Dot Bust]
  • Reference to Elmer Fudd: "Fudd's Law" on Bozos (Testlicles Deviant to Fudd's Law).


Elmer Town:

  • The under the edge comunity (underground) of Billville. [Boom Dot Bust]
  • Elmer song:
    The mouth bone's glued to the T-bone,
    The eye bone's glued to the Brest bone,
    The ear bone's glued to the Telephone,
    We're stuck in Elmer town.


El Potto Loco:

  • Drive by food for people too driven to eat! [Boom Dot Bust]


Engourged Gum Stones:

  • (See Billville wildlife [Boom Dot Bust]


Boom Dot Bust:

  • The Firesign's take on hill-jack society.



  • Princess Goddess hits a land mine and dies while mud boarding on the slopes of the English Alps. [GMIOGMD]



  • As in "Ersatz Broth Coffee (The Real One!)", as advertised on DWARF. "Ersatz" means "substitute" or "synthetic". John V. Scialli notes: " Some clarity is needed. The Coffee is Ersatz Brothers' Coffee.The real one. This is not just (really) a play on the words ersatz and real. Rather, Dan, during World War II coffee was rationed and ground chickory was used as a substitute. This was known by a clea descriptor "ersatz coffee."
    Not to mention spanish fly!



  • A useful term to describe the often nameless heroes of the FT plays. The FT's BBOP book describes how the hero transmutes from one play into the next(summarized here): "Waiting for the ELECTRICIAN or Someone like Him": The EVERYMAN is named "P" (after Phil, and in homage to Kafka's K).The play ends with "P" escaping from the country Enroute... ...and winding up on Ventura Blvd, in the process of buying a new car. EVERYMAN's name is now Babe, and his story is told in "How Can You Be in TWO PLACES At Once, when you're not Anywhere At All". Babe drifts through many adventures, and with the help of RALPH SPOILSPORT, falls asleep to a hemp-laced version of James Joyce's Molly Bloom soliloquy from Ulysses... ( as a side trip, Babe and NICK DANGER are literally flip-sides of each other: "Wait a minute; didn't I say that on the other side of this record?" THAT's how you can be in two places at once!) ...and wakes up at 4AM, now named George Leroy TIREBITER! His story is now told by the DWARF play, as the EVERYMAN sees his life played out on various channels of the television, where he is, by turns, an old movie director, a political candidate,a child star, a high-school kid, an adult actor, an Army Officer,and a quiz-show MC. Eventually, he "sells out", wakes up from the TV world, regains his youth, and runs out to get an ice-cream bar from the truck... ...Hunger satisfied, and with nothing else to do on a beautiful Fall morning, George-now transmogrified into a young man named CLEM -- is amused and intrigued by the arrival of the FUTURE FAIR Tour Bus, as described in the BOZOS play (note that when Barney,the BOZO, reminds Clem to inflate his SHOES,Clem replies that he no longer wears shoes -- as Porgie TIREBITER in DWARF did).As he wanders through the Fair, he asks both the PRESIDENTandDOCTOR MEMORY a question about the PORRIDGE BIRD,which brings down the whole show. The fair and all its creations vanish, leaving only the fireworks of the departure. And now, the story changes,and the Future is Past, (coming full circle ?) ...


EYKIW (Everything You Know..:)

  • Everything You Know Is Wrong! An FT play satirizing SEEKERS.



  • Here's Phil Proctors take: I found these damn things going through a catalogue of "Things You Never Knew Existed" and showed them to the boyz at a writing session.  Well, the rest is hystrionics.

     I suppose the "hidden" meaning is simply that if you're wearing one of these hats, you exemplify an unnatural "spider-like" and "alien" ability to see all around you. This makes you both dangerous and safer at the same time. It seemed perfect that this saleable "novelty item" could also represent a grave danger to a paranoid mind. And we did drive Art Bell off the air, didn't we??