Mr. Mucklehoney:

  •  The Mr. Mucklehoney character from that album, and much of that in-store scene, is an hommage to the W.C. Fields classic "It's A Gift," where Fields sees a blind customer named Mr. Muckle waving his white cane too close to a lightbulb display and yells, "Mr. Muckle, honey, please get away from there!" (from Kurtluchs)



  • Ma Rainey's Mole Skin Cookies, (We use the whole mole!).  For a rainey day.



  • A space-adventurer from the Circum-Solar Federation, serialized by the FT in their "Dear Friends" album, and also a ride in the FUTURE FAIR. His side-kick is BOB BUNNY.



  • How many different mattresses can you get at Unconscious Village (as told by little Eddie)? [GMIOGMD]
  1. Rapture Softs
  2. Christian Slaters
  3. Lamb' aGods
  4. Downy Juniors
  5. Seven Sealies


Mayor (is the Problem):

  • The Flagpole is the Answer! Chanted outside of the Mayor P'NisNose office. [Boom Dot Bust]




Mirrel Eyed Dingle Beaks:

  • (See Billville wildlife)



  • Deacon E. L. Mouse, one of the characters in DWARF, serving under pastor Rod Flash. He was apparently named after a pet beetle that Phil AUSTIN had of the same name.


Morbid Exploitation (of the Freshly Dead):

  • The Film "Pull My String" based on the Princess Goddess' life (reference to Princess Diana)[GMIOGMD]




MUDBOARD (Rose Mud):

  • What Princess Goddess is riding when she hits a land mine on the English Alps. [GMIOGMD]



  • PORGIE TIREBITER's friend in the movies. Motivated by Jughead and Archie, and by Henry Aldrich, the old radio show. Speculation: Starting with the second film, Henry's pal was a certain "Dizzy" Stevens. The connection between Dizzy and Jughead is via baseball: "Dizzy" Dean was a renowned pitcher, and "Mudhead" was one of the nicknames of an early black baseball great. This may also be a reference to the Zuni mudheads. Want a DEEPER meaning to Mudhead?





  • Mystery Science Theatre 3000. A TV series on the Comedy Channel which often makes references to obscure Firesign Theatre phrases, including loose shoes, SHOES for industry, hi i'm joe beets, dear friends, sit in a tree and learn to play the flute, as well as the GOLDEN HINDE. Hal Broome writes: This time on Mystery Science Theater 3000; the "experiment" was a Jack Palance stinker called THE OUTLAW, and the robot's line was: "Don't crush that DWARF, hand me the pliers". There was sort of an albino-type dwarf ("a negative of Herche V.") which received this line. The whole movie seemed an Italian rip-off of the GOR series.