• PICO's sidekick, as in "It's Pico and Alvarado". From the streets Pico and Alvarado in Los Angeles. PICO and ALVARADO are both BEANERS. They are featured in the plays BOZOS,DWARF, as well as others. NICK DANGER had to swim down Alvarado to his convertable during a severe rain storm. Pico and Alvarado sometimes like to yell, "PARK it and Lock it! Not Responsible!"



  • Harry Ames, Jr. A fictional actor who portrays Lieutenant BRADSHAW on the NICK DANGER series. There is also a Gun Salesman names Ed Ames, who runs the "Ames Guns" store in DWARF, "Ed Ames to Please, and so does Louise!"



  • Small fish with beady little eyes. We first encounter anchovies in DWARF, when George Tirebiter calls a PIZZA parlor (note the name of the pizza joint he calls):
    GEORGE [mumbling]: Let's see...Ocelots. Paupers. Pipe-nipples, Polombras, Pizzas! Armenian Gardens... Hank's Juggernaut... New Leviathan...Nick's Swell... SOUND: HE PICKS UP THE PHONE AND DIALS. THE NEWSCAST GOES ON. <Broadcast deleted>
    GEORGE [phoning]: Uh, this is George Tirebiter, Camden N 200 R. [pause] Uh, I want to order a pizza to go, and no anchovies. [pause] What ? [clicks phone] Oh, man! Nobody will come up here at all!
  • Apparently, Tirebiter mistakenly called NICK DANGER, in the episode, "Cut 'Em Off at the Past". On that album, we hear the same conversation, but from the other side of the phone:
    ANNOUNCER: He walks in! He's ready for mystery...he's ready for excitement! He's ready for anything...he's...
    SOUND: TELEPHONE PICKED UP NICK: Nick Danger, Third Eye!
    GEORGE: (ON FILTER) Uh-I wanna order a pizza to go, and no anchovies.
    NICK: No anchovies? You've got the wrong man. I spell my name...Danger! [click] GEORGE: (FILTER) What?
  • Note: This is a direct quote from the "Big Mystery" Joke book, and so the attribution of "GEORGE" to the guy on the other side of the phone is the FT's, not an inference (some people thought it was the voice of the teenage Porgie that called Nick). In another episode of Nick Danger, "The case of the Missing Yolks" (Video), and the "Three faces of Al" (album), Rocky ROCOCO calls up Nick at the start of the play, and turns everything around:
    ROCKY: I want to order an anchovy to go, and hold the pizza.
    NICK: Anchovies?
    ROCKY: Yeah, those little black things, with eyes!
    NICK: You've got the wrong man. I spell my name (LOOKS BACK AT THE DOOR) ...REGNAD.
  • Many Anchovy references in "The Three Faces of AL". "Don Rococo's Oriental Anchovy Eyes" for one. "Pop 'em out, light 'em up... Go Away!"





  • What the two sacred cows are pulling on the 666. [GMIOGMD]



  • A HOLOGRAM in the FT's BOZO play. Artie, the Lonesome Beet and the Whisperin' Squash were all once intended to be characters in an FT western radio show, featuring an all-vegetable cast.



  • Jacky-O sits next to Marilyn Monroe at the Benefit Auction of the Millenium. [GMIOGMD]



  • Philip Austin, one of the Firesign Theatre members.